Two Together

Two Together
Craig Kane and Timon Meyer

September 4th – October 16th, 2009
Opening Reception, Friday, September 4th, 6 – 9 PM


Craig Kane’s thoughtfully playful small scale sculptures and installations leave one with the feeling that something very personal and lighthearted is unfolding for the viewer. Tiny narrative vignettes assembled from improvised materials draw directly from Kane’s relationships, personal history, and the history of his own art practice. What comes together forms a story, a dialogue between Kane’s art and his own life.

Timon Meyer’s work – in which digital stills of daytime television shows and personal imagery culled from the internet are manipulated in subtle and not so subtle ways – conflates mythological fantasy with contemporary culture. Minotaurs, centaurs and suggestions of mythological beings exist in our every day world. The images themselves are both straightforward and unsettling, since whose mythology we’re seeing seems to shift. At times the work seems to represent the internal world of fthe protagonist, at others the image projected upon him by the external world, or both.

In both Kane’s and Meyer’s work there is a sense of an internal narrative, a story told to oneself that interfaces with a public narrative – how the world sees us. Both artists also incoporate materials and processes that reflect narrative’s patchwork nature – improvisation, revision and the sense of a protagonist are ongoing subthemes. Two Together allows for a dialogue between Kane’s and Meyer’s work that plays off their shared interest in storytelling and personal mythologies.

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