Home: Reflections and Projections

width=”494″ Brenna K. Murphy, Potted Plants

Home: Reflections and Projections
Christina Day and Brenna K. Murphy

February 19th – March 20th, 2010

Opening Reception Friday, February 19th 2009 6 to 9 PM
Gallery is open Saturdays 12 PM to 4 PM and by appointment.

Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space is pleased to present Home: Reflections and Projections, an exhibition of the works of Christina Day and Brenna K. Murphy.

Christina Day, There Now

Guided by her personal history and memory, Christina Day’s sculptural works act as free-standing reflections of dimensional place. Her sculptures reconfigure and compress domestic architectural elements like doorways, corners, and stairwells. The relationship of these objects to memory can be likened to the way the edges frame a familiar photograph, a pocket locked off in space and time. Built as skewed conjunctions of space, her sculptures begin at places where the in-between becomes the center of attention.

Working primarily with her own hair, Brenna K. Murphy creates works on paper and site-specific installations of domestic objects and spaces. As the product of a nomadic upbringing, moving eight times and living in six states by the age of eighteen, she is interested in the relationship between the ideal of home and the body. She wonders if the body can be a surrogate home for those that don’t have one as is traditionally defined in our culture. Her art is both a testament to her struggle to create home for herself as well as the tool she uses to navigate her thoughts and emotions.

Both artists work with source material rooted in the concept of home, but approach it from different perspectives. Day’s work mines memories of domestic place, reflecting and reframing them into new forms. Murphy’s work, on the other hand, begins from an unrooted vantage, and projects a sense of imagined place into the present. We are very pleased to be able to showcase both bodies of work side by side.