Plane Site: Steven Baris, Jim Osman and Alex Paik


Steven Baris, Jim Osman and Alex Paik

May 20th – June 24th
Artist’s Reception Saturday, May 20th, 6-9 PM
Gallery Hours: Saturdays 1-4 PM and by appointment

Mount Airy Contemporary
25 West Mt. Airy Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19119
(267) 270-2787

MAC is pleased to present PLANE SITE, an exhibition of works by artists Steven Baris, Jim Osman and Alex Paik.

Artists have had a complicated relationship with the planar surface for as long as people have been painting and making objects.  Much of art history is concerned with describing the technical inventions that, over millennia, permitted artists to break through the planar surface to the image.

The artists in this exhibition work through the plane as a transparent surface, transform the plane with color and manipulate the plane, moving it through time and space.

Drift A5 - Steven Baris

Steven Baris: Drift A5, 2017, Oil on Mylar, 14″ x 14″, courtesy of Pentimenti Gallery


Steven Baris is a Philadelphia-based painter.  In his Mobility of Frames series he references architectural space, which we experience temporally – we move through built environments and apprehend through a succession of frames.  Similarly Baris’ paintings nest frames within the implicit framed boundaries of the paintings themselves, inviting the viewer to move through the depicted space.  The frames themselves reference the massive superstructures that inhabit the suburban landscape.

Scene, Jim Osman

Jim Osman: Scene, 2015, Wood, paint, hardware, 62″ x 16″ x 11″, courtesy of Lesley Heller Gallery

Jim Osman, a New York-based sculptor, uses furniture and architectural forms to imply figural presence and personal space. Through his surface treatments, exploration of scale and use of color, Osman makes sculptures that magnify the haptic experience of the plane for the viewer.

Modular Wall Installation: Hexagon (Open)

Alex Paik: Modular Wall Installation: Hexagon (Open), 2016, Gouache, colored pencil, paper, nails, courtesy of Gallery Joe

Alex Paik, a Brooklyn-based artist, works physically with the planar surface, in his case, paper – bending and folding it, making it into something architectural, repeatable, and modular.  The rhythm of the repeating modules tie into his interest in music, especially fugues.  The work takes on a quality of unfolding over time, giving an impression of an ever expanding universe.