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Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space

and so on and so forth

and so on and so forth
we asked two friends and they asked two friends.

Robert Walden Wendy Wolf
Patty Cateura Ana B. Hernández
Robert Lansden Althea Murphy-Price

Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space
is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition, and so on and so forth, opening May 1 2009.

May 1 - June 6, 2009

Opening Reception, First Friday, May 1 2009 6 to 9 PM
Gallery is open Saturdays from 12-4 PM and by appointment

The connections between the artists are based on social networks. We paired two artists, Wendy Wolf from Philadelphia with Robert Walden from Brooklyn and then asked these artists to each select two more artists whose work resonated with them. Wendy invited Ana Hernández and Althea Murphy-Price, and Robert invited Patty Cateura and Robert Lansden. The artworks have their own relationships evidenced in the artists' subtle handling of subject matter and process-oriented, exploratory and generative art-making methodology.

The color field paintings that Patty Cateura (New York NY) includes in the show question how we experience and relate to nature in an increasingly urbanized world. The abstract paintings are floating and fragmented vignettes that allude to city life, architecture and technology. We experience the prevalence of nature in hills, rivers, trees and pure color fields. Patty's paintings suggest the power of nature's color, simplicity and vibrancy as a dynamic visual pause within the whirl of our increasingly technological existence.

Ana B. Hernández (Philadelphia PA) is an artist who works with simple materials and a discipline of colors. The importance of the work is created through volume and repetition. Ana's work both breaks and embraces the boundaries between the imposed and the organic. Antibodies is a site-specific installation that uses only cotton balls and red threads and creates a visually stimulating and sensual sculpture in the space.

Robert Lansden (New Orleans LA) offers delicate line drawings on small sheets of paper; abstract patterning that iteratively walk through variations of line and spacing, creating a meditative space. "With a taste for repetition, I am searching for a visual expression of the dialogue between the finite and the infinite that will ultimately create a transitional space in which viewers can surrender to their own experience of the object."

Althea Murphy-Price (Bloomington IN) is interested in the importance of physical appearance and its fleeting inevitability. Recent work was inspired by beauty salons and barber shops where traces of one's effort to enhance their appearance is left as a remnant on the floor. She's attracted to intricacy and the complexities found in the formal structure of hair, and the installation in this show is a continuation of her search for connections that exist within complex structures.

Robert Walden (Brooklyn NY) makes Ontological Road Maps that sprawl across toned paper in fine pencil and pen filigrees, detailed representations of organically spawned street plans. "Sometimes, when I'm working, I fill in something that I'm not supposed to because I get lost in the process, the act of making. It's a kind of meditative "wax on, wax off" state. Time - and my work is about time: about the time it takes to make it, about the time depicted on the map - is fluid. A map is a snapshot of a particular locale and a given date and time. It's a time capsule of the era of its publication - when the photographs were made, when the map was made from these photographs, and so on. It's a moment of understanding."

Wendy Wolf (Philadelphia PA) works within a restrained structure of repeated marks and an obsessive process - mark making, tracing, cutting, sorting, and assembling. Through the physical labor, the act of doing is of equal importance to the visual representation of the work. Wendy's work for the exhibition consists of overlays of translucent cut paper, the voids between layers visible as they accumulate and intersect.

Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space is an artist-run exhibition space in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia PA. We mount shows that emphasize connections between art communities and networks among artists.

Andrea and Colin Keefe co-direct the space, and are both visual artists.

Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space
25 West Mt. Airy Ave.
Philadelphia PA 19119
215 764 5621

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