Submitting Work


We accept submissions from individual artists and curators on a rolling basis.  Our selection process is informal and based on space in the calendar, fit with our program, and our own personal interests.

We respond to ALL submissions as quickly as possible.  You won’t drop into a black hole.  Even if it’s not a fit for us, we enjoy learning about what you do, so feel free to send us stuff. However please recognize that Mount Airy Contemporary is basically just two people with full-time jobs, a kid and our own art practices - we’re busy just like you.

We do suggest trying to build a relationship with the gallery (e.g. me and Andi) before submitting something - come see a show, introduce yourself and get a first-hand impression of what we’re about. We’re very approachable.  In the end a lot of our curatorial choices come down to a) do we love the work and b) is this person going to be a pleasure to work with.



Colin and Andrea

What you get (and what you don’t!)

Mount Airy Contemporary is above all two things: a labor of love and a no-profit institution. No, not a non-profit, a no-profit.  Money doesn’t change hands here.  We spend very little and we don’t take anything.  We show what we want because we love it.  The stance we take - to be thoroughly unprofessional in what we hope is the best sense - does have implications for how you would work with us.

What we provide:

  • Installation of work, marketing and promotion, primarily through email, Facebook, this website, submission to periodicals and Twitter.
  • Inclusion in a hopefully cohesive program in which your exhibition will have respectable company.
  • Commission-free sales.  We redirect sales inquiries to the artists, but handle the actual pick-up of artwork.
  • An honest, open conversation and relationship with people genuinely interested in working with you as artists, not commodities.

What we don’t provide:

  • We don’t cover shipping costs.
  • We don’t provide insurance.
  • We don’t generally print cards.


To submit a proposal

Email submissions to, with “Proposal” in the Email Subject.

Individual Artists:

Please include:

  • A short artist’s statement
  • Images representative of the bodies of work you’re most interested in exhibiting.
  • Curriculum Vitae

If we’re interested, we will try to set up a studio visit with you.  Bear in mind that for us this is a long term process that, like friendships, is a thing that happens over time.

Curatorial Proposals:

Please include:

  • A brief description of what you’d like to do.  Three to five sentences is better than 5 pages of Derrida-inspired monologue.
  • A list of proposed artists in the exhibition.
  • Images of what you’d like to include.  Please make the selections as representative as possible of the work that will be in the final show.
  • Your Curriculum Vitae.

Submission Formats:

CDs are okay, but we prefer online delivery.  Zip up the images if you can, but if they’re too large, other online delivery methods will work.  Give us a public DropBox folder to pull from, or FTP, etc.