Visions of Biophilia

Visions of Biophilia

MAC (Mount Airy Contemporary)
25 West Mt. Airy Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19119

9/29/2018 - 11/10/2018

Reception September 29th from 6-9 PM

Gallery hours: Saturdays 1-4 PM and by appointment

Phone:  (267) 270-2787


MAC is pleased to present Visions of Biophilia, an exhibition of works by Greg Brellochs, Jenna Hannum and Brooke Hine, who all share a fascination with the living world in its many forms and sources.

Drawing from string theory, chaos theory and evolutionary biology, Greg Brellochs creates visual allegories for phenomena and processes that are by their nature not directly observable. Brellochs' current body of work looks at the amalgamation of matter and energy in an imagined organic form, in which the forces of construction and deconstruction define a transient object.

For her series Misbegotten Sea Creatures, Jenna Hannum initially drew inspiration from unusual ball-shaped root structures she had discovered.  What began as undifferentiated cells drawn in graphite began to evolve into organisms, which then required invented means of propulsion and digestion. Misbegotten Sea Creatures is now an evolving series depicting imaginary new species in a phylum of Hannum's invention. As creatures are discovered, they establish their place within their phylum’s taxonomy, echoing evolution and discovery in the natural world.

Brooke Hine's abstract porcelain sculptures share a similar connection to natural phenomena - biology, anatomy, and objects found in nature that speak to the cycle of life and death. The forms Hine builds evoke brain corals, seed pods, cells or husks - beginnings and endings and the traces life leaves, at the bottom of sea beds, in the fossil record or just under the loamy soil, waiting to push through.

Operating since 2009 out of a Mt. Airy carriage house, MAC (Mount Airy Contemporary) has focused on providing low key, high quality art experiences in an informal residential setting, and building strong, authentic connections between artists and audiences.